hello ?

I’ve been thinking about food a lot.

Maybe I should do a brief life update? It has been months since my last (and only) blog post.

  • I did shave my head, in July 2017 (not quite a buzzcut, but I wasn’t far off, and to this day I still have a fairly cold head) and raised about £175 for MIND which is… not bad! Pretty happy with that!
  • Third year is now… 60% done? Maybe more? I’m trying not to think about it for too long as it makes me feel slightly ill. But I finished my dissertation at the beginning of December and started my final project in January. Frankly, it’s a bit much. But I suppose that’s a degree.
  • It’s snowing in Cornwall! Again! My flat is ridiculously cold but Penryn looks so magical that I’m not sure I mind (she says as if she’s not currently under a duvet with approximately 300 layers and an electric blanket on). Still went for a dip in the sea though, it’ll take more than a bit of snow to stop me getting in the ocean!

That’s it as far as I can tell. Not much else is happening, so back to food.

Food is… incredible isn’t it? I think one of my favourite things about being friends with people who didn’t grow up in the U.K. is the endless list of foods they haven’t eaten, or have never heard of (most recently, FABs! Who knew that they weren’t universal? See also, Nobbly Bobbly’s) and the disappointment in their eyes when they witness you eating a crisp sandwich (no regrets).

My final project is focused on food, and it’s been hard for me. I spent a lot of time muddling around like a bee in a jar trying to work out what it is that drives me, desperate for some motivation, and when I wanted to avoid my problems, I’d cook. Shockingly, I found myself about to start my final year before the penny dropped and i asked myself “why don’t I make work… about food?”

Essentially, I am a fool.

So here we are, with a dying laptop, making some damn good work (don’t mind me, tooting my own horn over here) and finally feeling like I’m on the right track.

I’m not going to share anything online just yet, I worry that I’ll jinx myself, but I am going to be sharing some super exciting (read, possibly quite dull) little snippets on my instagram story, so catch me over there @hannahdetnon!

That’s all for now!